"Pamper your feet with Tippy Toes Towel"

Tippy Toes Towel - A necesity for everyone!

Tippy Toes Towel is a 100% cotton Luxury Foot Towel  and it has 8 ultra-soft and super-absorbent polyester strips that can be placed between the toes to get rid of the moist that is hard to reach with a regular towel.

Importance of drying between your toes

One of the major causes of foot odor and fungal infections like athlete’s foot comes from not drying your feet properly. Practicing good foot hygiene should be part of your daily routine.

Why Tippy Toes Towel?

Tippy Toes Towel is a one of a kind towel. When it is used daily, it can helps you prevent the problem of unwanted foot odor and get a respite from fungal infections that can be caused if your toes are not properly dried. 

Benefits of using Tippy Toes Towel

Helps prevent foot odor.

Helps prevent foot fungal infections.

Innovated and Efficient Design.

Comfortable and easy to use.

* Ideal for Diabetics.

Foot care, athletes foot, fungal infections

How To use it


   Tippy Toes Towel LLC is a woman owned business located in Miami Florida. The idea of the towel came out of the necessity for a better and more effective way to dry between the toes to prevent unwanted foot odor and athletes foot of the CEO 3 teenage boys, and after seeing the positive results at home she wanted to share it with the world in a fun and luxurious way, and that’s how Tippy Toes Towel was born.